Lectures are in the ArtsHouse: 10.45 for morning members: 13.30 for afternoon members.

Thursday 14 December
Frida Kahlo: Reflections of a Life on Canvas
Lecturer: Siân Walters

Born in Mexico City three years before the revolution, Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits record not only her physical likeness but also the poignant events of her life. However it is her self- portraits which are the most memorable of her works.

Her paintings show us her emotions, family and her political sympathies. Sian Walters traces Kahlo’s suffering through her paintings and explores various themes such as nationalism and surrealism.


Siân Walters studied at Cambridge University. Was a lecturer at the National Gallery and Surrey University, specialising in 15th and 16th century Italian painting, Spanish art & architecture, and the relationship between dance and art. She also teaches private courses, and organises lectures, study days and art holidays abroad. Has lived in France and Italy, where she worked at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.