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Thursday December 13th 2018.


Jonathan Foyle

The Art of Political Intrigue in 13th century English Cathedrals

In 2015, England celebrated 800 years of Magna Carta. Little has been said about the consequences of 1215 in designs of great early Gothic cathedrals. Jonathan’s own research changes thinking on what these changes represented as he explores the politics of church and state and their expression in the arts of Canterbury, Salisbury, Peterborough, Wells, Lincoln and Lichfield cathedrals as well as the royal palace and abbey complex at Westminster.


Dr. Jonathan Foyle was Chief Executive of World Monuments Fund for Great Britain and a Curator of Historic Buildings at Hampton Court Palace and in 2002 he took his PhD on reconstructing Wolsey’s palace. He is a frequent feature writer for The Financial Times on issues of architecture, history and craft and has published works on various cathedrals. He presents television series including BBC4’s Henry Vlll Patron or Plunderer? and BBC2’s Climbing Great Buildings. He is also a lecturer and teacher.


The raffle book this month is a lavishly illustrated account of the Architecture of Canterbury Cathedral (cover shown above). It covers everything guide books leave out including how the Cathedral was actually built. The text is engaging, the pictures unlike any you will have seen previously.

The author, Jonathan Foyle, architectural historian, TV  and Radio broadcaster, is our lecturer for December who will, I am sure, be delighted to sign the winners’ copies.

His next book in the series, on Peterborough Cathedral, will be published in February.