Both lectures for this date are in the Town Hall: 10.45 for morning members: 13.30 for afternoon members.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Let There Be Light!
Speaker: Alexandra Drysdale


For artists, light can express emotions, from El Greco’s light of spiritual ecstasy to the dangerous darkness of Caravaggio and from Turner’s sublime sunlight to Samuel Palmer’s melancholy moonlight. Stonehenge was built to worship the sun, and today James Turrell makes light temples in art galleries while Dan Flavin makes altarpieces from fluorescent tubes. This lecture will show how artists use light to paint temporal and spiritual art through the ages. 




Alexandra Drysdale is art historian and a professional artist specialising in painting, sculpture and performance. Her lectures combine art historical knowledge with personal expertise in aesthetics and artistic techniques. Art from all periods, including examples of her own work, is examined from an artist’s point of view. This entails a perceptive analysis of a painting’s structure, its meaning, and its relationship to the history of art.
She puts a particular emphasis on studying the symbolic language of the imagination. BA (Hons) Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art and an MFA from Cambridge School of Art.