Thursday 15 March 2018


Titian’s Colour and the Transformation of European Painting
Speaker: Nicholas Watkins

Prior to Titian nobody took Venetian painting seriously. This lecture suggests that Titian’s legacy was more profound than all three of his great contemporaries: Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo. During his long life, his artistic style changed greatly. He evolved a completely novel approach to colour and , through his vivid luminous tints, transformed not only Venetian painting but also the whole course of European art.



Nicholas Watkins is Emeritus Reader in the Department of the of Art and Film, University of Leicester, curator, critic, author and lecturer. His numerous publications include Matisse (1984), Bonnard (1994), Bonnard Colour and Light (1998), The Genesis of a Decorative Aesthetic (2001), Marino Marini (2007), Behind the Mirror: Aimé Maeght and His Artists (Royal Academy, London 2008), Bonard Peindre L’arcadie (Musee D’Orsay, Paris 2015). Also Televion ‘Pierre Bonnard: A Love Exposed’ (1998). He is a regular contributor to The Burlington Magazine and other leading art journals and lectures extensively to universities, museums, art galleries and art societies.