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Thursday 16 May 2019

By Sarah Dunant

The Borgias,the most infamous family in History?

Murder, poison, corruption and incest are all perfect ingredients for sensational popular culture. However, this lecture reveals the real family of the Borgias that dominated the Papacy and Italian politics during the last decade of the 15th century. It explores the charismatic figure of Pope Alexander V1, the career of Cesare, his son a cardinal, general, employer of Da Vinci and the model for Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. It also traces Lucrezia Borgia’s life from “the greatest whore in Rome”, to a devout and treasured Duchess of Ferrara.


Sarah Dunant.

Sarah is a novelist, broadcaster, lecturer and critic. After studying at Cambridge she worked as a cultural journalist on such programmes as Kaleidoscope, The Late Show and Night Waves. She has published many novels, the latest of which completes the story of the Borgia family and the remarkable period of Italian history in which they lived.



Raffle prize

The prize this months is Sarah’s own book about the Borgias entitled ‘Blood and Beauty’