Application and Members’ Documents

Lindesfarne 2At the appropriate time, on this page are downloadable documents that may be of interest to individuals wishing to apply for membership, and renewals for our existing members (but note member’s renewal documents are automatically sent out mid-January). 

See the ‘About us’ page for subscription details.

Click on the relevant title, and a copy should open in your browser, which you can then print off, if you wish to.

If you have any problems, please send an email to the website manager (see committee page).

At this time (Jan 16th 2018) we are applying for full Charity Status, and the Gift Aid amount to set against a taxable return is not yet certain – our renewal and invitation letters say £30.40, but to be safe, we are advising members FOR NOW that if they have to submit this amount before March 31st 2018, they should state £43.00 – the full amount of the subscription. We will update this message via our emails and website as more specific information becomes available.


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If you wish to join, please download, print and fill in the New Member Application Form (and the Gift Aid Form, if you wish to), and send with your cheque to the Membership Secretary (address on the form) with a C5 size stamped addressed envelope (large envelope stamp). Please remember to indicate whether you wish to join as a morning or afternoon member (there is more room in the afternoon, and seats are available nearer the front).

STRADFAS Information letter 2018-19     
STRADFAS New Member Application Form 2018-19 
2018-19 – See message above 

Your renewal forms will have been sent out in the middle of January, so you should not need these documents.
However, if you need to, you may RENEW by downloading the appropriate AM or PM form, printing it off, filling it in and returning it to the Membership Secretary (address on the form) with a stamped addressed envelope. If you wish to Gift Aid your subscription (which helps us financially) then please also download, print and complete the Gift Aid form. The HMRC rules for this are in our Renewal Letter that you can also download and look at.

STRADFAS Renewal letter 2018 
STRADFAS Renewal Morning members 2018-19  
STRADFAS Renewal Afternoon members 2018-19
STRADFAS Gift aid 2017-18  – see message above