2012 12 Vienna 166The Arts Society is a leading arts charity which opens up the world of the arts through a network of local Societies and national events.

Founded in 1968 by Patricia Fay, and originally called The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS), the organisation was renamed ‘The Arts Society’ in May 2017, to better convey the scope of the society.

The Arts Society has over 90,000 members in about 350 local Arts Societies in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Do join us and discover all that The Arts Society has to offer.

All member Arts Societies subscribe to the aims and objects of the national Arts Society, namely the advancement of arts education and the appreciation and preservation of our artistic heritage for the benefit of the public.

These aims are achieved through a programme of lectures on the decorative and fine arts in the widest sense, holding days of special interest, visits, and tours. Volunteering activities are supported, carried out by Church Recorders, Heritage Volunteers and support for Young Arts projects.
For more information on The Arts Society, its history, its aims and objectives, its structure and how it works, please click the The Arts Society logo link at the top right to go to the The Arts Society website.

The Arts Society issue their quarterly magazine ‘Review’, which has some wonderful illustrations. You can see previous versions online via the links below, which take you directly to the The Arts Society website pages (you will need to allow Adobe Flash to fuction if you have blocked it):

Arts Society Review Summer 2017

Below this are links to the former NADFAS Review
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REVIEW Summer 2016
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REVIEW Winter 2013
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Here are some other links to information about The Arts Society:
The Arts Society West Midlands – our area organisation

Youtube – Sample of lecturers and other NADFAS topics:
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