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Thursday 16 November 2017
Speaker: Susan Owens

nov-2017We know that ghosts have changed in appearance over time because of the way artists have depicted them. Some are shown as walking corpses, others as headless or in period costume or a sheet! Telling the fascinating story of ghosts in English art and entertainment, Susan Owens uses diverse visual resources such as medieval manuscripts, political caricatures, photography, paintings and magic lanterns to explore the changing appearance of ghosts.

nov-2017-susan-owens-2Susan Owens is a writer and freelance curator with a degree in English literature from Somerville College, Oxford, a Masters in History of Art from the Courtauld and a PhD from University College London. Susan was formerly Curator of Paintings at the V&A, where she was responsible for oils, watercolours and drawings from 1800 to the present day. Susan previously worked for the Royal Collection as Assistant Curator of the Print Room at Windsor Castle, and now publishes and lectures widely on British art. Amongst many publications are The Art of Drawing: British Masters and Methods Since 1600 (2013); Amazing Rare Things: the Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery (2007; she co-authored with David Attenborough, Martin Clayton and Rea Alexandratos), and Watercolours and Drawings from the Collection of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (2005).