Lectures are in the ArtsHouse: 10.45 for morning members: 13.30 for afternoon members.

Thursday 18 October 2018
Alchemy and Adventure
Speaker: Lynne Gibson

In our modern world it is easy to take colour for granted, yet before organic chemistry the most desirable pigments were often exotic or poisonous. This lecture explores how colours used in our most beautiful and valuable paintings were often derived from alchemy and through adventure. 

Alchemists prepared deadly “Kings Yellow” and “ruby of arsenic” while “Moorish Gold” was concocted from basilisk powder ground with blood! 

Lynne Gibson now works as a freelance lecturer in the History of Art, Critical and Contextual Studies, as well as in practical Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.
For many years she lectured for the universities of Sussex and Bristol where she introduced ‘Understanding Art’ to the Lifelong Learning programme and residential summer schools. Lynne gives talks, lectures and guided tours to a wide range of organisations and institutions including ARCA colleges, the National Trust, National Gallery, art museums and art societies. Also, when time permits, she works as a professional artist specializing in oil painting and etching. Her solo and group shows have included the RWA, British Museum and the Barbican.