Booking Procedures

Information on Extended Tours, Special Interest Days, Day Visits and Social Events is announced at lectures, shown on the Membership Card, the monthly email Bulletin and on the STRADFAS website (

Event organisers can not accept expressions of intent to book, either before or after the designated booking dates.


Bookings are made in person, immediately before or after lectures on the dates shown. Payments are by cheque or cash (no cards) to guarantee a booking. Cheques should be made out to STRADFAS.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with equal opportunities for morning and afternoon members. Members can book a maximum of two tickets for Members only. Should the lists be oversubscribed, Members may ask to be put on a waiting list for subsequent vacancies. Allocation of place(s) is strictly prioritised according to date of booking or going on the waiting list. Members are normally able to make bookings on behalf of other members provided payment is made at the time of the booking.

Non-members may attend events if spaces are available, after STRADFAS members have bought their tickets. Non-members may also ask to be put on a waiting list.

Members may contact the event organiser by email:

Members having to cancel a booking should advise the appropriate Organiser so that the place(s) may be offered to the next person on the waiting list (and see Refunds policy below). In the event of the ticket holder not making a private arrangement for the ticket, the right is reserved to charge a £10.00 administration charge at the Organiser’s discretion.

Procedures for booking EXTENDED TOURS

Each year, one or more tours lasting several days are arranged to regions of interest to STRADFAS members. Booking details follow the same general pattern as for day visits (above), but deposits for reservations are usually taken c.12 months ahead, with full payment due c. 8 weeks before departure. Details will be announced as above (lectures, Membership Card, monthly Bulletin, STRADFAS website).
You may contact the tours organiser by email:

Again, please read the refund policy below.

Refunds Policy

Members buying a ticket for any event should note that STRADFAS is unable to “buy back” the ticket, and in the case of cancellation or curtailment for reasons beyond our control, STRADFAS may not be able to make a full or partial refund of the ticket cost. Deposits made through a third party for our annual tours are not refundable in accordance with standard conditions for Travel Agencies. Members wishing to cancel may be put in touch with person(s) on the waiting list to see if a transfer of ticket is possible.