Day Visit 3

Thursday 26th September 2019 

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Chelsea Physic Garden and Crosby Hall

We will arrive in the late morning at the Chelsea Physic Garden. Members can explore the garden and take a picnic or enjoy lunch in the Physic Café.

It is no accident that back in 1673 the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries chose their Chelsea village site for its proximity to the river Thames to make the most of its warm air currents.  It gave them a base to moor their barge, allowing them to conduct plant finding expeditions in surrounding areas and to teach their apprentices to identify plants. The River access allowed easy access to boats bringing plants from around the world.





In the afternoon there will be a tour of nearby Crosby Hall conducted by the owner, Dr Christopher Moran.

This exceptional property, described by Country Life (February 18 2015) as a “Tudor Palace for the 21st century” started life as Crosby Place, a medieval mansion on Bishopsgate, and mentioned by Shakespeare in Richard III. The surviving 15th century great hall was moved stone by stone to its present site in Chelsea in 1910. 

Since 1988 the site, overlooking the River Thames, has undergone extensive development by specialist craftsmen faithfully following traditional techniques, culminating in “an extraordinary achievement of newly assembled Tudor architecture and decoration”. Today, the great hall, long gallery and formal dining chamber, furnished with finest quality Tudor furniture, pewter and paintings, regularly hosts entertaining on the grand scale, including members of the Royal Family. Crosby Hall is a private residence and not open to the public so we are extremely fortunate to have been given this rare opportunity to visit by the owner.









Tickets will be on sale from Thursday 16th May costing £68 each. Please bring either cash or cheques.

Price includes luxury coach travel, parking, entry to both events and a private tour by the owner of Crosby Hall. Refreshments will be served after the tour of the hall.

We will be leaving from the usual pickup points 07.30 at Johnsons depot, Henley; 07.50 opposite the Play House and 08.00 at Stratford Racecourse.