Thursday 15 February 2024

Art Behind Bars: The Role of the Arts in Breaking the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Reoffending

By Angela Findlay

This lecture casts light onto areas of our society where the Arts are not only visual, decorative or commercial but vital, relevant and potentially lifesaving as it looks at the minds, lives and challenges of offenders. Angela explores extraordinary art projects and prisoners’ art and demonstrates how the process of creating art of any discipline helps offenders confront their crimes and develop key life skills for leading a positive and productive life.


Angela is a professional artist who has a career teaching art in prisons in Germany and England. She has been the Arts Coordinator of the London based Koestler Arts and it gave her insight into the huge impact the arts can have on rehabilitation. She has a B.A. in Fine Art as well as a Diploma in Artistic Therapy and her paintings have been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally.