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Thursday 16 February 2023

Heaven on Earth – A road Trip Through Medieval Burgundy

By Caroline Shenton

Burgundy has many architectural wonders dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries such as Autun, Vezelay, Fontenay, Pontigny and Cluny. They were spiritual service stations for crusaders, pilgrims and monks, all of which influenced Western European art in the middle ages. Caroline explores Romanesque terroir to show how Benedictine abbeys and Cistercian monasteries created some of the best wines in the world which we still enjoy today. She will give us travel tips and tasting recommendations!


About the Speaker

Dr. Caroline Shenton is an archivist and historian who has worked at the parliamentary archives in London. Mary Beard called her book “The Day Parliament Broke Down” as “microhistory at its best”. Lucy Worsley described Caroline’s second book, “Mr. Barry’s War “as “a jewel, finely wrought and beautiful.”. Her third book is about the saving of London’s art and museum collections in World War Two. She has appeared at   Cheltenham, Hay and Henley festival as well as on BBC radio and TV.