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Thursday 16th January 2020

Damnation Memoriae: Punishing Statues

By Tom Flynn

The relationship between sculptures of the human body and the natural human body is something we tend to overlook. We want statues of famous people in public places to resemble the figures they represent because we want to be able to recognise them but there must be a distance between the reality of the person and their representation. During times of political upheaval, rage or disquiet can be expressed upon statues. They seem to be punished for the crimes committed by the figures they represent. Tom finds humour in this otherwise serious talk.

About the speaker…


Dr. Tom Flynn is a U.K. based art historian, critic and provenance researcher who specialises in the professional practices of the international art market, historical and contemporary sculpture, and issues in art crime and cultural heritage. He is a former fine art auctioneer and valuer and art market journalist who has written for numerous international art publications. He has held board positions with art data companies.