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19 May 2022

The Story of Indian Modern Art

By Georgina Bexon

After Indian Independence in 1947 a group of talented artists, who formed the movement called The Bombay Progressives Artists’ Group, created a new art for a new country. The paintings show a country in turmoil and relate the fascinating story of the transition and growth of the new India. We explore how Indian art threw off the colonial influence and developed modern masterpieces and a thriving global business.

About the speaker

Georgina is an art historian who specialises in South Asian Art. She has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Singapore. She is an official tour guide at Tate Modern and Art Historian at the Oriental Club in London. She is a guest speaker on luxury cruise ships and has developed art talks specifically for these cruises which relate to Asian and Pacific destinations. She has lectured across the world from New York to Moscow and participated in international art conferences.