Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals – now due!

2020-21 Renewal packs have been posted to members. If you have not received one, please contact the Membership Secretary at

Renewals should be submitted by post, in line with the instruction in the pack (completed form, cheque (if applicable) and SAE). 

To complete your subscription: for the first time you may do so by Direct Debit, alternatively by online BACS or by cheque. Whichever method you choose, please ensure you still send the paper form to the Membership Secretary for our records, along with your SAE for dispatch of your membership card.

To pay by Direct Debit:

To set up a Direct Debit to pay your STRADFAS 2020 – 21 membership fees using ‘Go Cardless’, click on the following link.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to have Internet Banking? 

A: No ‘Go Cardless’ is just a straightforward webpage to be filled in online

Q: Can I take a paper mandate to my high street bank? 

A: No you can only set up the Direct Debit using the ‘Go Cardless’ webpage.

Q: Will it cost me anything? 

A: No but STRADFAS pay a modest transaction fee.

Q: Is ‘GoCardless’ reliable? 

A: It has been tested by several of the committee and used successfully for over a year by ’The Arts Society Richmond’.

Q: Will ‘GoCardless’ affect my Gift Aid donations?

A: No, Gift Aid will be collected in the usual way.

Q: When will the payment come out of my account? 

A: Right now, it will be 3 days after signing up with “GoCardless”

Q: What will I see on my bank statement? 

A: You will just see ‘GoCardless’ and the £45 charge

Q: What do I need to do next year?

A: Absolutely nothing! GoCardless will charge you automatically, hopefully at the normal time of the year in 2021!

Q: Can I cancel my Direct Debit before next year?

A: Yes, either by deleting the mandate accessed through your internet banking or by contacting

Q: I am still confused, who can I ask for help? 

A: Kay Sillitoe will try to answer your question on

Thank you