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Tuesday 5th November 2019


 ‘The River of Light’: The Cradle of Impressionism

This series of three lectures follows the course of the river and the exploits along it will aim to uncover new revelations!

Lecture 1 The Seine Estuary – capturing the 19th century imagination of the host of young artists from Turner, Pissaro and Renoir to Monet and Manet who flocked to Honfleur and its surrounding coastline to soak up the Picturesque and portray the emerging 19th century seaside resorts.

Lecture 2 covers the ups and downs of the young artists who formed their own independent group and struggled for recognition. It will be a lively lecture exploring their individual personalities.

Lecture 3 continues the path of exploration and the growing popularity of regattas and sailing. It will show how the artists followed the course of the Seine to tributaries like the OISE or far south of Paris. She will feature some of the best known paintings along the river and also many other unknown works.

Carole Petipher has worked as a guide/lecturer in and around Paris using converted barges as her base. She has a deep rooted love of the Seine and her lectures were written from the boat which was her home for several years. This wonderful river in France, often referred to as the river of light, was a great influence on the 19th century artists and the development of Impressionism. From the luminescent estuary which first attracted them, to the area west of Paris which became known as the Cradle of Impressionism they came to seek inspiration.