Special Interest Day 2

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CANCELLED Day of Special Interest on Thursday 2nd April 2020

Feisty Ladies

We will be asking (by email and phone) how those who have booked for our Day of Special Interest wish to be refunded. Please note that we will refund everyone – it would be very messy to retain money against a possible reinstatement of this day later in the year for some members and not others. Please bear with us in these decisions, we need to keep things as simple as we can.

Our lecturer, Roger Mitchell read history at Oxford and Fine Arts at Leeds. He will talk about the evolution in travel and tourism in the Victorian period when many men and women took advantage of travel on railways and steamships. Victoria herself did so with frequent train journeys to Balmoral. He will talk about the world of difference between Mary Elizabeth’s tour of Europe in 1840 and Marianne Brocklehurst visiting Egypt in the 1870s and 1880s. Amongst transatlantic travellers towards the end of the century and on the lookout for aristocratic husbands, were young, rich American girls who were the very embodiment of feistiness

Lecture 2 will feature a wide range of Victorian women travellers and writers.

(Lady Mary Duffus Hardy, Annie Taylor, Mary Kingsley in West Africa) and others.

Lecture 3 Roger will concentrate on two of his heroines: Marianne North and Isabella Bird.

Tickets: £35 to include tea and coffee and a sandwich lunch are on sale at lectures.

Venue: The Play House.

For further details, e-mail: specialinterestdays@stradfas.org.uk
Contact Caroline Newey on 01789 762579, or Rosemary Applin on 01789 295393  email rosemaryapplin222@hotmail.com