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Day Visits
STRADFAS arranges several day visits during the year. STRADFAS members have priority in booking although non-members may join if there is space. Dates of the visits are notified in the emailed monthly ‘Bulletin’, on this website, and at lectures. Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to STRADFAS. Day visits are normally by coach with an early start and late return to Stratford-upon-Avon.
Parking at the ‘Johnson’s’ Coach park outside Henley-in-Arden (where the coach starts) is usually possible, as well as at Stratford Racecourse. Details will be given for each individual trip.

Visits have included trips to Hampton Court, The Tate, Windsor Castle, Waddesdon, to local Churches, the V&A, and the National Gallery.

STRADFAS in Modena
STRADFAS in Modena

Arts Tours
STRADFAS organises  arts tours in the UK and overseas. The tour destination is usually announced about 6-9 months in advance so that members can plan around this. Reservations, with a deposit, are taken about 6 months in advance, although places may be available nearer the time of the tour, and a waiting list is also maintained in the event that anyone cannot go.  

Previous tours have been to Suffolk, to Provence, and to the palaces of Bologna and Northern Italy.

Booking Tickets: Morning and Afternoon, and special conditions
Our visits/tours are usually very popular and sell out quickly, usually at the first lecture they go on sale. To make it equitable, we allocate tickets to be sold at the morning and afternoon lectures in the ratio of the number of our am/pm membersIn addition, for some of the very popular visits, we may have to impose specials conditions, such as payment when actually booking, and tickets only being available to those members who are actually in the queue (i.e. you would be unable to buy tickets for fellow members).

Accessibility/Walking requirements
Whilst our venues for lectures and study days are disability and wheelchair-accessible, we cannot guarantee this for our day visits or extended tours. These trips can involve walking some distance, perhaps in heat. and paths may be uneven or steep. Members who wish to join these events, but who have any concerns about the required fitness level, should discuss the matter with the organiser.

Deposits/Refunds – Tours
We wish to make it clear that some of the Tour Operators that we use WILL NOT refund deposits if someone has to make a cancellation (even if the place is filled by someone else). This is beyond our control, and it is normally in the ‘small print’ of the conditions which you agree to when you send in your registration form. STRADFAS cannot be held liable for any loss so caused.

See Bookings Procedures page.
See Policies page for details of refunds and insurance, etc.