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For many years now, STRADFAS has been supporting and developing arts-related activities among young people in the Stratford-upon-Avon area. In an Arts Society survey on Young Arts projects, STRADFAS was ranked 1st in the W. Midlands Region by the number of projects supported, and the West Midlands region (to which we are affiliated) was ranked second in the country.

We have recently given financial support to the following projects:

Young Carers Support – For purchasing arts materials
The Young Carers created art works, which were submitted to the Young Carers National Art Competition. Here are some of the results.

Dunnington Primary School
A Workshop on stained glass was held on the 14th/15th September, led by Steven Cartwright, a stained glass craftsman, and was a great success. Steven gave a talk geared to the pupils about how stained glass was made. It demonstrated how pictures were made up of cut pieces of glass to form a window, and the use of the kiln.
All the children from the school between four and eleven were included and they had each previously done four drawings representing part of the window. At the Workshop they selected one of these which showed the individual glass segments of their section which will go into the finished window. Steven then cut the pieces of glass to fit the individual pictures and then the pupils stuck them on to the glass square which they had been given.
The pupil’s glass squares are now with Steven and will be fired, and he will return to fit the completed window permanently in place. Jean’s Swan STRADFAS logo design will also be incorporated into the window.

Welcombe Hills Special School
Pupils worked on mosaic projects which were transferred for permanent display to the outside garden area and within the school building.