Date & TimeEvent
Thu 21 Oct. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Behind the Wall: Creativity, Visions and Horrors in Renaissance Italian Convents. By Sarah Dunant. At the Playhouse.
Tue 2 Nov.Special Interest Day – Capturing Real People doing Real Things
1900 – 1950s Britain through film, photographs and advertising.
At the Playhouse.
Thu 18 Nov. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Dazzling Dufy: Invitation to a Luminous Feast with Raoul Dufy. By Mary Alexander. At the Playhouse.
Thu 9 Dec. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Who is Santa Claus?
By Christopher Bradley. At the Playhouse.
Thu 20 Jan. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – The Dancing Faun.
By Bertie Pearce. At the Playhouse.
Thu 17 Feb. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Lost and Found: The Story of the Missing Caravaggio.
By Sian Walters. At the Playhouse.
Thu 17 Mar. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Sir Anthony Van Dyck: Prince of Painters.
By Adam Busiakiewicz. At the Playhouse.
Tue 5 Apr.Special Interest Day – Feisty Ladies.
At the Playhouse.
Thu 28 Apr. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – Atkinson Grimshaw – Master of Moonlight.
By Alexandra Epps. At the Playhouse.
Thu 19 May. 10.45 & 13.30Lecture – The Story of Indian Modern Art.
By Georgina Bexon. At the Playhouse.
Thu 16 Jun. 10.45 & 13.30Golden Jubilee Celebration lecture: A.G.M and one lecture only
René Lalique: Master jeweller, Master Glass maker.
By Eric Knowles. At the Playhouse.