June 23


15 June 2023 – following the Society AGM

Music in Art

By Sophie Matthews

Works of art depicting musical instruments show us not only what musical instruments looked like but also the social context in which they would have been played. Music and various instruments also play a strong role within symbolism in art. Sophie explores the instruments in selected works and gives live demonstrations on replicas of these instruments, some of which she has made herself and taught herself to play.

About the speaker

Sophie has become one of the foremost players on the English Border bagpipes in the U.K. She also plays a variety of woodwind instruments such as shawm, rauschfeife, crumhorn and recorder. She is part of a small group of British players of the baroque musette which is an eighteenth century French bagpipe similar to the Northumbrian smallpipes.

She tours with GreenMatthews and makes instruments. She works with Tony Millyard, the respected luthier on his flutes. She is entirely self taught.