Protocol for return to the Playhouse – September 2021

The following Protocol has been drawn up to ensure as far as possible the safety and well-being of members attending this first lecture.
This protocol has been drawn up based on our best understanding of current restrictions and what is practical. To avoid having to repeat it at every clause, please take it as read that in the event of more severe restrictions being reintroduced any of these arrangements may have to be amended. It is envisaged that these arrangements will continue for the first few lectures of the season, although adjustments may be made based on lessons learned at preceding lectures and member feedback:

  • Members are strongly encouraged to wear masks as they move about within The Playhouse. Once seated, they may choose to remove them;
  • Members will be guided to the membership tables on arrival to collect their membership cards/renew their membership prior to entering the auditorium;
  • Non-members will be directed to the membership tables to join the society/pay for attendance at the lecture.
  • There will be no refreshments for sale – members may bring their own flask if they wish;
  • There will be no raffle;
  • Tickets for the forthcoming Special Interest Day will be available to purchase after the lecture, but for members who choose not to attend the Playhouse we propose a similar online booking arrangement as for the recent Day Visit. Note however that the Special Interest Day itself will not be on Zoom, so members purchasing a ticket must be willing to come to the Playhouse on November 2nd;
  • 50 Treasures of the West Midlands publications will be available to purchase after the lecture;
  • Seating in the two sides of the rake will be available within social distancing guidelines;
  • Seating on the flat will be in semicircles of unlinked chairs but without social distance;
  • Priority for front row seating will be given to those with hearing or sight difficulties.

The afternoon session will be offered as a live Zoom retransmission of the lecture taking place in the auditorium. There will be no recording or opportunity for deferred viewing. The link for this Zoom meeting will be sent to all members having renewed/newly joined for the 2021/22 season a few days prior to the lecture. There is no need to request it. Please note that the September “Vivaldi in Venice” lecture will feature the lecturer playing some excerpts on the piano in the auditorium. This may present a technical challenge, and Zoom attendees may have sound only for these passages.