Retiring Committee member(s)

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Judith Dorricott –
STRADFAS Chair 2013-2016


At the AGM on February 18, Judith Dorricott completed her three years as Chairman of STRADFAS. In recognition and appreciation of her eight years of valuable service to the committee she was presented with a gift, flowers and a card, designed and made by artist and committee member, Jean Vaudeau.



Under Judith’s leadership, the Society has grown to 640 members making us the third largest Society in the UK – there are currently 374 NADFAS branches worldwide.
Among Judith’s many strengths as Chair has been her ability to enable each committee member to develop his or her own specialism while providing the ‘gel’ which keeps us all together as a very happy and productive team. We have valued her attention to detail, easily overlooked when so much is happening in a large active society and her many personal kindnesses to the committee and to members alike.

Members will agree that she has introduced our Lecture Days with grace and charm and her calmness in the face of potential chaos has served us all well.
As she explained in her Report, her first year in office was an anxious one as renovation work on the old Civic Hall had us all negotiating building works for several months. Committee Meetings took place in the dining room of her lovely house in Alderminster.

But no sooner were we happily installed in the new, improved Artshouse when part of the roof blew off and we all decamped to the Courtyard Theatre for two months, which though daunted by the large stage initially, Judith rather enjoyed.
Before taking the Chair, she was an inspiring and innovative Programme Secretary, modestly indulging her own passion for all things Italian while gently leading us to consider unfamiliar and more ‘modern’ artists and sculptors.

She originally joined the Committee as Day Visits Secretary so we would be unwise to lose her skills and so much experience entirely. We are, therefore, delighted that Judith is now busily preparing a Church Trail for Holy Trinity Church as well as continuing to edit the Newsletter.

Thank you Judith!

Her successor is Ursula Russell who followed Judith as Programme Secretary, a role for which they both express great affection.