Extended Tours Videos

You can view videos of some of our extended tours below, by clicking on the play arrows in the pictures.
You may have to wait a short time for them to load. The title sections last about 20 seconds.

June 2015 tour to Provence. This is about 60 minutes long.


June 2014 tour to Devon. This is about 45 minutes long.


Notes for all the videos:
The videos are hosted on Youtube, so you may have an advert in the bottom part of the screen at the beginning – simply click the small cross in the top right of the advert to remove it. Please NOTE that although on Youtube, these videos cannot be viewed on the Youtube site itself – only via this STRADFAS webpage. In accordance with Youtube policies, the original sound tracks have been modified to a generic (and very quiet) generated music score.
Move the slider below the video screen to start it anywhere you wish.
It may be necessary to set the slider to the start (left).
To view the videos full-screen click on the small rectangle in the bottom right-hand corner. Go back to a small image by pressing the ‘esc’ key on your keyboard.

June 2013 tour to Northern Italy. This is about 60 minutes long.


Videos by Nick Lister, Trustee